Where is my participant medal?

I never expected to win. Oh sure, there were wild thoughts of maybe being a semi-finalist, or at least getting some positive feedback of some sort. Instead, I leave the competition without so much as even a participant medal.

Blank gold medal with tricolor ribbon - 3d render

I did try, dammit! In case you have forgotten (or have tried to forget), here’s what I tried …

It’s a song called I Don’t Know Where The Sunset Goes.

I entered it into some songwriting competition. I thought my expectations for a semi-finalist nod were unrealistically high, until I saw the list of semi-finalists. There must be every entry that was submitted to the contest on the list of semi-finalists … except for my entry. Geez, the first semi-finalist on the list is from freakin’ Kazakhstan of all places in the world. That is a place in the world, isn’t it? Maybe this was an inter-planetary competition? As I perused the list searching in vain for my name, I was struck by this entry that made the semi-finals.

Jason Gleed (Redd Butts) The Pee Song Toronto, ON, Canada Comedy/Novelty

I wish Jason (or Redd Butts if you will) all the best with his Pee Song, but really? Semi-finalist for a song about urine?

Oh well, it could have been worse. I could have been awarded this medal …

medal trump

If I had, I would never write anything ever again. Hmmm, now why do I think some readers may send me that Trump medal?