My Fave Songs – Introduction

Welcome to a new feature this year on Jim Flanigan Looks at the World. I love music, so I asked myself why I wasn’t writing more about music. I didn’t get a reply since I wasn’t speaking to myself at the time, but I didn’t wait until I was speaking to myself again after having make-up sex with myself. I moved forward with this bold concept. Each week I plan to reveal my favorite song from my favorite musical artists, and along the way provide some insight as to why that song is my favorite. It may not be the best song ever done by the artist profiled according to critics, or the best-selling song, but the song I like the best. You are welcome to disagree and offer your own fave song. There is no wrong answer (is what I always wanted to hear my teachers say, but never did).

Some weeks this may be easy. For example …

on the week that I profile the Polecats, the obvious choice is this song …

There is no other choice because it is a great little tune and the Polecats really never made a better song. But weeks when the artists profiled may be the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Beyonce, or Red Hot Chili Peppers, the choices will be tough. And what about Kanye? The world will never know as I refuse to listen to him after he sampled a great Steely Dan song, “Kid Charlemagne,” into this crappy song that my children tell me is excellent …

Yuck. I place the blame for this abomination existing squarely on the shoulders of Walter Becker (RIP) and Donald Fagen of Steely Dan who initially did not consent to the use of the sample from their song. From a article, Donald Fagen relates,

“Kanye actually sent us a sample of his tunes, and frankly, Walter and I listened to it, and although we’d love some of the income, neither of us particularly liked what he had done with it. We said “No,” at first, and then he wrote us a hand-written letter that was kind of touching, about how the song was about his father, and he said, “I love your stuff, and I really want to use it because it’s a very personal thing for me.” My mind doesn’t work like that—I would never use someone else’s stuff if I was writing something personal, but I guess that’s how he was thinking about it. It was such a good letter that we said, “All right, go ahead,” and we made a deal with him.”

I think I may have missed out on some good Kanye tunes through the years, but I feel like I have to stick to my principles. Mess with Steely Dan and you mess with my soul, you soul-messer Kanye.

My oldest son suggested I debut this series with a splash by choosing one of music’s legends to profile the first week, and NOT the Polecats. I grudgingly agreed and selected the self-proclaimed and me-proclaimed World’s Greatest Rock & Roll Band, the Polecats Rolling Stones. Talk about a challenge.

  • Will I prefer early Stones work like “Under My Thumb?” (Who wouldn’t?)
  • How about their 21st century snarler “Rough Justice?” (Still rocking after 40+ years!)
  • Perhaps a song from the disco era like “Miss You?” (Holds up better than Bee Gees tunes.)
  • Or do I like impossibly fast songs like “Rip This Joint?” (Duh, YES!)
  • Maybe a ballad like “Wild Horses?” (Mick + Keith = Perfect)

So that’s my challenge, choosing one and only one favorite Rolling Stones song in one week. Your challenge will be to check back next Saturday to read my choice, and maybe leave your Rolling Stones song suggestions for consideration in the Comments section now.