Limitation of Statues

Regardless of whether you may be Republican or Democrat, Right Wing or Left Wing, Conservative or Liberal, White or Black, can we all agree that this Confederate general’s statue needs to be removed?

confederate statue

Why should we all agree to remove it? Take a closer look at that face …

confederate statue head

It is a statue of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest along I-65 in Nashville, Tennessee and it is just one ugly-ass statue. While just the thought of a statue of a Confederate general (and early KKK member) may offend the more left-leaning, a statue as ugly as this should offend just about anyone and everyone.

It’s not coming down since it is on private property. Yes, someone spent their own money to commission and erect a statue to an obscure Confederate general. However, it has been recently “decorated” by vandals with pink paint …

confederate statue vandalized

Call me an art critic, but I think it looks better and less maniacal when pink. At least in that view, he looks less like a crazed Confederate general and more like Jesus wearing a skirt, holding a gun, and riding a horse while gazing contemplatively towards heaven. Apparently, the owner has no plans to clean the paint off which makes no sense until you remember that this is all happening in Tennessee.

And as far as the title goes, I know it is “Statute of Limitations,” not statue, but it is the best I can do on a holiday week for a clever title. You try and deliver quality drivel daily.

2 thoughts on “Limitation of Statues

  1. I agree, maybe a horror movie called Nightmare on I-65? All who drive past on I-65 without stopping to pay homage to the statue are visited in their dreams by maniacal old General Forrest for some general disemboweling and then are welcomed into heaven by pink Jesus. Jesus, where are my meds?


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