A Gift for Pud

I thought I was experiencing a heart-warming story when I saw a gift under our Christmas tree with this gift tag on it …

Gift Tag

It appeared that one of my adult daughters had left a gift for someone named Pud under our Christmas tree. My heart was warmed as I pondered how she must have spent all her money on the gift since she had to hand-make the gift tag.

Questions rushed through my mind like eggnog down my gullet this holiday season.

  • Who was this Pud?
  • How did my daughter know Pud?
  • Why was anyone named Pud still going by the name of Pud?
  • Was Pud coming for Christmas dinner and would he/she bring fudge for dessert?
  • Most importantly, would Pud bring me a gift?

The last question turned moot as it was eventually revealed that Pud was actually Dad and that gift was mine, warm socks that are magnificent. I was thrilled, but I can’t shake one troubling image from my mind … Pud sitting alone on Christmas with cold feet. I told my daughter that she was welcome to invite Pud into our home for New Year’s Day. Her eye-roll told me that we should probably set another place at our New Year’s table.

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