Magic is Real

I saw this clip of this high school cheerleader (whoop, whoop … uh-oh, that cheerleader reference set off the Roy Moore alarm) and I have been convinced once and for all that magic is real …

cheerleader sorcery

I tried that trick myself and am now in a walking boot. What she did is clear and obvious sorcery and witchcraft. There is only one thing to do …


That may be a bit extreme. Perhaps we can try and debunk the alleged sorcery as a cheap parlor trick. Hmm, first we need to find a cheap parlor. Failing that, the same football field will have to do …

cheerleader 2

I guess that’s one way to try and do it, but I don’t think kicking away an invisible object does anything other than confirm that she’s an enchantress of sorts who uses invisible props in her act. I do believe that magic is all around us. My youngest son recently retired from an 8 year football career that saw him making it all the way into college football where he played and was successful. He has crazy athleticism, but I never saw him come close to doing anything like this …


That’s Chicago Bear rookie Tarik Cohen, all 5 foot 6 inches of him, and obviously some sort of sorcerer or warlock. I mean, how does he slow down and get all Matrixy right in the middle of his jump?

We all need some magic in our lives. What would you do if you had magical powers? If I did, I know a few people in Washington, DC that I would try and make disappear.


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