I Can’t Stay Silent About This Movie

I saw the 1922 silent horror movie Nosferatu tonight, but rather than stay silent, I have some salient comments.

First, if the film has no sound, shouldn’t admission be half price? If there was only sound and no visuals, I would expect a huge discount, so why not a discount for no audio? Admittedly, there was a live organ accompaniment on this vintage organ …


While the organist gave an excellent performance, organ music is not an acceptable replacement for actual dialogue. It felt like I spent half the movie reading text on the screen. It’s one thing reading the Stars Wars text scroll at the beginning of each movie, but then you get to sit back and enjoy the rest of the movie. You never know when these silent films are going to try and slip a page of important text past you while you are checking your Twitter feed.

Max Schreck is admittedly great as Count Orlock, or Nosferatu, the original cinematic Dracula. Pretty horrifying, huh?


However, it turns out that the actor Max Schreck was a horrifyingly odd-looking gentleman even before make-up. Take a look …

Roger stone goofy

OK, so that’s Trumpanzee Roger Stone, but still horrifying.

Nosferatu is a fairly benign character when compared with the horror movie monsters of today, but there was one part of Nosferatu that chilled me to the bone. Take a look …

nosferatu ear hair

Can you imagine having to deal with that ear hair? Please pass Nosferatu the hedge clippers, because he needs to trim up his ear hair. Chilling.



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