Fat 2 – Jim 0

Those pharmaceutical commercials do work. I’m considering asking my doctor about Otezla. Here’s their attention-getting commercial …

This will replace my last diet plan. Remember the last one?

My last diet plan did not work well at all. I was able to add all sorts of water weight in my hands, feet and ankles, but I could not fit into my shoes anymore. On the plus side, I retained so much water, I was never thirsty. I think I could have made it across Death Valley without a drink. Anyway, back to the drawing board and maybe Otezla.

I know what you’re thinking. Otezla is a drug for psoriasis, not a diet pill. But wait, listen again to those possible side effects. Diarrhea? Check! Nausea? Check! Weight loss? Check, assuming you have the first two. Sure, another possible side effect is depression and thoughts of suicide, but the way I figure it, I will be so happy to lose weight that the happiness will balance out my depressive thoughts of suicide. And how good do you think my skin will look?

I don’t want you to think that I won’t be careful taking Otezla. I will definitely not try a cannonball into the pool next to my wife as shown on the commercial. Forget the thoughts of suicide. I’d be a dead man after that.


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