I Agree With Trump on Unreported Terror

I don’t often agree with Donald Trump, but he is 100% correct when he said that the press is not reporting terror attacks. I can personally vouch for that.

I have seen for myself so much terror that has gone unreported. And I want to know what Trump is going to do about that. Closing the border will not help. These are inside jobs. You want specifics, you say? I’ll give you specifics.

No, you don’t have to watch Faux News or click on the Breitfart website. Just look at me and my family. We have been absolutely terrorized since January 20th. Daily acts of terror on the part of the Trump Cabal have left us shaken, but also stirred … stirred to action. As I look at friends and family, I also see them terrorized. A family fears the loss of their healthcare when the ACA is repealed. A DACA friend going to college fears deportation. A young man of conscriptable age fears war with Iran and the reinstatement of the draft.

I don’t blame the media for not reporting these daily acts of terrorism. They are far overshadowed by alternative facts, the folly of a wall, neo-Nazi nationalism in the White House, the Muslim ban, etc.

But make no mistake, there is a dangerous terrorist running loose in the USA and his name is Donald J Trump.

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