Double D Dollywood Danger

Raging wildfires in Tennessee appear to have beloved theme park Dollywood clearly in their path of destruction. Taking its location in the Great Smoky Mountains just a bit too literally, Dollywood is in danger of being destroyed by the wildfires lapping at its doorstep.

All hands are on deck as even founder Dolly Parton is ready to help with efforts to save the park.


Dollywood park designers are regretting a couple decisions. The first was being just a bit too authentic with their Firechaser Express ride, set in a fireworks factory. Ride designers insisted on using real fireworks as props.


Next fireworks show coming soon!

Another poor decision was building a huge WOODEN roller coaster named the Lightning Rod.


The Lightning Rod may soon be renamed Kindling as it gets hotter and hotter there.


Sometimes that heat can lead to some bad decisions.


Milk bad? Really?

"Steel Magnolias" New York City Benefit Premiere for the American Diabetes Association


Fortunately, what may save Dollywood is a couple water tanks on park property that may hold enough water to keep the flames at bay.


I wish we had more pics of the fires threatening  Dollywood. We took some, but they were over-developed. We’ll keep you abreast of any further developments with this Dollywood story.






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