Who Won The VP Debate? I Lost.

I made the mistake of watching the Vice Presidential debate on Tuesday night rather than make another dryer lint bunny.


That proved to be a huge error on my part as I just woke up about 36 hours later and still only have 11 dryer lint bunnies. Aaaargh!  When will I have a dozen? So frustrating to have a prime number of bunnies.

If I had insomnia, I would hope for a VP debate every night. I had drenched my pillow with drool before the debate got too far along, although I must admit I wasn’t even sleeping yet.

I took away little from the debate except for a couple questions:

  • If Tim Kaine is that annoying when speaking, how awful must it be when he whips out his harmonica?
  • Is Mike Pence the lyingist liar that ever lied?

I am eager for both of them to slide back into obscurity and for their names to be spoken as often as Lord Voldemort’s.

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