Finally Fifty

It has been a bit over one year since I started upchucking my written nonsense onto our unsuspecting planet via this blog, and while followers have come and some have gone (aka, the smart ones), I finally have 50 followers. I probably could have gotten 50 the first week by posting pics like this …

Awwww, so cute

Or this …

Double awwww

The problem is that I am drawn more to pics like this one …

Cat fighting a snake that is being swallowed by a toad

That is not a photoshopped pic as I have seen the actual video which doesn’t get much more exciting than that still pic so don’t ask for the link.

Then there are always images that you can’t unsee and stay festering in your psyche forever …

Ewwww, George Bush

I am guessing that is a photoshopped pic, and I would draw the line at watching that video, if such a video existed. I positively, absolutely would not watch that video. I watched Bush for 8 years and will not watch one more minute of him. Gross.

I appear to have gotten sidetracked. Thanks to my 50 followers and a very special shout out to a local friend who became my 50th follower. I will never trust your judgement again.

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