Aw Shoot, Back to School

Is anyone really happen about going back to school? Teachers gripe about the students. Students gripe about basically everything, but especially school and teachers. But the investigative team at Jim Flanigan Looks at the World found one group that is thrilled with school back in session. The one group eager for school to resume is potential school shooters.

We gathered a group of people who self-identify as potential shooters to try and understand why school resuming makes them happy.

gun people

Their faces have been hidden, but don’t worry, you will likely see them on the news soon. We asked them all to express their feelings about children being back in school. Continue reading “Aw Shoot, Back to School”

March in March

I really was planning on marching today for sensible gun control. Honest! This is not a bad March day to march in the Chicagoland area. It is crisp and chilly, but no snow or rain predicted for the marches. And the marches are freakin’ everywhere today. No need to take the train into Chicago to march. Just look outside your home. There is a good chance that a March For Our Lives will be going right past your house.

We are sidelined today as my youngest daughter has officially been confirmed a victim of the flu, and I am exhibiting some of the signs. I knew there was a good reason to avoid contact with my family. So we will sit this march out today, but will be cheering on those marchers we watch on TV and if any pass by our house.

It’s not that I want to get rid of all guns.

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Don’t blame memes. Memes don’t make people stupid. People already are stupid. Memes are not the problem.

That title is just a little preview of the absurd logic used by people on social media, twisted a bit to suit my need to make a point. Of course that title is logically not correct. Yes, there are stupid people. Yes, memes are a problem these days, especially the ones created by foreigners.

I ran across a meme similar to this one on social media …

Tim McV

No, I don’t agree, so I didn’t share. The logic used is riddled with holes like Swiss cheese. Gee, what a surprise, another example of failed logic embraced by NRA lovers. In previous posts, we have already explored the Fallacy of the Alternative Disjunct in a post on Syrian refugees. What’s that? You don’t recall the Fallacy of the Alternative Disjunct? I warned you that there may be a test later. I suppose we can review …

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