Drooling for Cash

As my small business winds down after 15 years, I continue to look for ways to make money without doing anything, which is what I do or don’t do best. I currently get paid for walking. You can, too. Check out the Evidation app on your phone. You won’t be paid much, but I get a few gift cards every year. Through the same study that gave me a free Apple watch, I get paid for standing for 1 minute every hour for 12 hours each day. Sounds grueling, right? I have found that if I raise my hand for 1 minute, my Apple watch gives me credit for standing. Jim 1 – Technology 0.

Anyway, I found myself drooling into a tube this week for a university study. I figured that I would be drooling anyway throughout the day, so why not get paid for it? The thought of getting paid to be salivating got me salivating to start salivating. According to the university’s FAQ, they want my drool for a Genes, Addiction, and Personality study to “understand how personality, mental heath, substance use, and genes are related.” I figured they really want my DNA to clone me, and I’m all for that. Why not? I’m a great guy, or at least that’s what I tell everyone. But further down the FAQ sheet, I see this.

At least that disappointment was balanced by this good news.

Thank God. After 5 kids, I really can’t afford any more coming out of the woodwork with their hands reaching into my wallet.

And this is just completely false.

They don’t have to tell me whether my kids will have problems. ALL kids have problems.

Finally, testing is also not necessary for this one as it pertains to me.

Get a disorder? Readers of this blog already know I have multiple disorders.

Oh, well, at least I have some cash coming my way for my drool. In case any of you readers are buying, I’m selling.


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