A Baker’s Dozen Days of Blogging

I thought our house looked nicely decorated in yesterday’s blog post, but I forgot to mention something, so you get a Thirteenth Day of Blogging. That our house is decorated nicely is kind of a shocker since I helped decorate this year. Yes, I actually layed some lights on foliage to make that happen, all under the strict supervision of the boss, of course.

When I decorate, I have visions of this being the result.

That is an actual decorated tree in our neighborhood. They set the bar high, but when I decorate, my expectation is that will be the result.

However, my decorating reality usually yields a tree looking like this just a few houses down from that super-tree.

That’s just sad. I think that tree has some potential to decorate, but why even bother with some random trunk-wrapping along with a couple low branches? Anyway, I can relate, and that’s what you can typically expect from me. But not this year with some good, albeit unreasonably strict supervision. I mean, was the riding crop necessary? Couldn’t she have just told me when I was messing up?

The Flanigan Holiday Light Show may not even make it to New Year’s Day as we are expecting temps to hit almost 50F/10C this week. Although I participated in decorating, I likely will not be a part of removing and storing the lights.


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