Space > Pie > Bus > Eagle

Well, that’s certainly a confusing title. Let’s start with eagle and work right to left. No, I didn’t see a bus hit an eagle, but I was planning on seeing an Eagle. Specifically, Don Felder, who was thrown out of the Eagles, was set to play a free concert promising lots of Eagles music about a half hour away. I kinda, sorta planned to go in a very noncommittal type of way. That was, until I heard about the bus. There would be no parking at the venue. We would park off-site and take shuttle busses to and from the concert area. Ugh! The thought of cramming into a shuttle bus with potential Coviddy people was abhorent to me. So, I applied some critical thinking to the situation to understand if I really wanted to go to the concert. The critical part was easy. The thinking part? Not so much.

I started with an analysis of the Eagles. The headliners were always Glenn Frey and Don Henley. I’d go see them perform solo. Well, maybe not Glenn Frey these days. RIP. Next up is Joe Walsh, perhaps known more for his solo work and his time with the James Gang. Wait, what? Are you telling me you are unfamiliar with the James Gang? In that case, my advice is to “Walk Away.” If you click that link, you get the original album version of the song. Here’s a cool, stripped-down, liveish version where Walsh and his cohorts define power trio with their performance.

So, I would put Henley, Frey, and Walsh at the top of the Eagles pyramid. In the second tier are Eagles like Bernie Leadon, Randy Meissner, Timothy B. Schmidt, and Don Felder. Would I go see a Timothy B. Schmidt concert? Absolutely not. I think Don Felder gets elevated a bit because he got a writing credit on the iconic Eagles’ tune “Hotel California.” And he’s got the same first name as Don Henley, so there can be some confusion. Also, his last name sounds a lot like the famous guitar brand Fender. More confusion. My brain takes Don Felder and turns it into Famous Eagle Guitar Guy.

Anyway, working through my “logic,” I decided not to go. The bus grounded the Eagle. Instead, my 2 youngest daughters and I headed to a local festival where there would be pie. And the pies really looked delicious, until the old lady next to me coughed all over the ones that were being served. Ugh, again! It was a pretty busy festival and for some unknown reason, they had erected some temporary fencing around it. I started feeling claustrophobic despite being in the great outdoors. I needed some space.

We ended up at a Chinese restaurant nearby with great food and plenty of empty tables. And that’s how space bested pies that I had judged to be better than a crowded shuttle bus that sank my visit to a concert by an Eagle. Now does the title make sense?


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