A Feline Edition of … Am I a Bad Guy?

I had strategically snuck in to take a shower before my wife did today. Why was it strategic? Because if I shower first, immediately before my wife, then I don’t have to squeegee down the shower walls and door. That could give me 1 or 2 minutes extra time during the day to waste.

My wife was waiting for a call back from the local animal shelter. She mentioned something about kittens needing a foster home as I headed toward the shower. When I got out of the shower without wiping down the walls or door, my wife told me that she was headed to the animal shelter to pick-up 5 kittens to foster for a week or two. No, she would not be taking a shower. I looked back at the shower where water slowly dripped down the walls and glass door. As I reentered the shower and grabbed the squeegee (not a euphemism), I wanted to tell my wife that I was allergic to homeless kittens (good name for a band) and that she should cancel with the animal shelter. Am I a bad guy?


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