Forgotten One-Hit Wonder – Underwater Edition

After swimming this morning, I found it coincidental that a song by Jellyfish came on the radio as I headed home. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, “Jellyfish are saltwater creatures, and you swam in a freshwater lake.” Well, it turns out that there is a type of freshwater jellyfish, so I feel justified with the continuation of this blog post. Ha! Good try to preemptively kill this post, but on it goes. Sorry.

Jellyfish had a short five year run through 1984 as a cult favorite band. They had limited chart success, but I think this song of theirs still sounds fresh and not waterlogged.

And the reason I picked an obscure band with a quasi-hit to resurrect this always unpopular blog feature? I enjoy the song and hope you do, too. That is why.


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