Forgotten One-Hit Wonder – Feeling Lucky?

I’m taking a real deep dive on this one. This song did chart on Billboard back in 1997 and was nominated for a Grammy in 1998, but I’ll bet you have never heard it. It got some radio airplay in Chicago and the Midwest along with some MTV and VH1 exposure, but was largely ignored.

You can also ignore it. If you do, you’ll be missing a tight, snappy, catchy pop tune that will threaten to take up residence in your head for days on end. I know it has squatted in mine after I rediscovered it, but then again, there’s lot of room in my big noggin for a song to rattle around.

Abra Moore was with Poi Dog Pondering when the band formed in Hawaii. After Poi moved to L.A. and then Austin, Texas, Moore went solo before the band moved to Chicago. I guess I should say “Abracadabra” as I make Abra Moore’s forgotten semi-hit “Four Leaf Clover” magically reappear.

Forgotten One-Hit Wonder – Underwater Edition

After swimming this morning, I found it coincidental that a song by Jellyfish came on the radio as I headed home. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, “Jellyfish are saltwater creatures, and you swam in a freshwater lake.” Well, it turns out that there is a type of freshwater jellyfish, so I feel justified with the continuation of this blog post. Ha! Good try to preemptively kill this post, but on it goes. Sorry.

Jellyfish had a short five year run through 1984 as a cult favorite band. They had limited chart success, but I think this song of theirs still sounds fresh and not waterlogged.

And the reason I picked an obscure band with a quasi-hit to resurrect this always unpopular blog feature? I enjoy the song and hope you do, too. That is why.

A Whale of a Forgotten One-Hit Wonder

You may have heard about this recent story about a man swallowed by a whale that then spit him out.

No, not that “whale swallows man” story. This one that’s a bit more recent.

I want you to look very closely at the title of this video and at the very beginning of the video. What do you see?

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Forgotten One-Hit Wonders – Twofer Edition (not applicable in Australia)

Well, that’s a confusing title. Our first “Forgotten One-Hit Wonders” post was greeted with such indifference that I decided that maybe a twofer edition would garner twice as many readers. Except, how can there be a twofer edition when the very definition of a one-hit wonder means there was only one hit? And why is this post not applicable in Australia? Have I whipped you into a questioning frenzy yet? Are you foaming at the mouth and falling over backwards with excitement?

Exactly! Well, allow me to first resolve the “not applicable in Australia” issue. In the USA, this band was a one-hit wonder. In Australia, these guys were HUGE with numerous hits. But who are they?

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Jim’s Poetry Corner for a Circular Room

It’s oppressively cold here for the next week or so. What genius decided that this planet was habitable? Anyway, here’s a bit of poetry for the bitter cold. Feel free to add your own lines to create an even longer and more painful poem to read.

Winter’s grip of ice and cold is more than I can bear

As I rend my clothes in deep despair.

Now I sit shivering in my underwear,

Glad to not be completely bare,

And wishing I had even more body hair.

So I sally forth completely aware

That frostbite may require medical care.

But fear not for my general welfare,

For I awake and find it was just a nightmare.

Wait, no it’s not. It’s the freakin’ Arctic out there.

Bonus Content Alert

If you’re feeling lucky and want to risk extending this post beyond the poem and delve into the depths of Omaha, Nebraska winter weather and one-hit music wonders, then click to read more …

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