A Whale of a Forgotten One-Hit Wonder

You may have heard about this recent story about a man swallowed by a whale that then spit him out.

No, not that “whale swallows man” story. This one that’s a bit more recent.

I want you to look very closely at the title of this video and at the very beginning of the video. What do you see?

I don’t know about you, but I can tell you I was disappointed that someone described as Lobsterman did not look like this.

Setting aside Lobsterman’s looks, there are some disputing Mr. Packard’s story. Not me. I believe him. I mean, who would make up a tale involving a whale?

Alright Seinfeld fans, technically George’s whale story was true but his professed occupation as marine biologist was what was false.

Now, remind me, please. What was this post about? Oh, right, a forgotten one-hit wonder. Without further ado, I present you with a Burning Sensations’ (you can see a doctor for that) song that is a whale of a one-hit wonder from 1983.

What a great summer song blending calypso and rock. Burning Sensations was a short-lived LA band in the 80s fronted by Tim McGovern, formerly of The Motels. But what I found really interesting is this note in the Comments section.

That’s a comment by Morley Bartnof, former member of Burning Sensations, who now leads a band called Cosmo Toppers. Even though there are other “Belly of the Whale” videos on YouTube with better video, I gave you this version with excellent audio that is approved by Morley Bartnof. You’re welcome. Now go enjoy your Burning Sensations on a hot summer day or ask your doctor for a prescription ointment or unguent to relieve it. Your choice.