Me Write Science Fiction?

I blogged about a writing contest where they give you a first line, last line, and plot twist to use to write a story. Well, here they are …

First Line – The attack was over in seconds.

Last Line – Far too many people put their faith in me.

Editor’s Note: That last line is so perfect for this dummy.

Anyway, I was okay with those lines and constructing a story inside of them. But then, the Plot Twist was revealed.

Plot Twist – “Your story must not contain physical violence. The stipulation here is that no part of the story may describe physical violence as it occurs, nor the results of physical violence – whether it’s in remembrance/flashback, or in the present of the story. This includes physical violence against or between humans, animals, robots, aliens, and so on.”

Aw, nuts. I had crafted a story based on a bloody, but hilarious, war between alien rabbits and white supremacist robots titled “Racist Robots Rebut Remote Rabbits.” I’ve scuttled that concept, but I’m still thinking this story will be my first piece of science fiction. And it will likely be my first story without any humor in it.

Editor’s Note: That is false as any regular reader of this blog can attest.

I have less than a week to write this story. Gulp! Regardless of what I come up with, it’s a great exercise I highly recommend for aspiring writers to practice their craft. Write on!


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