Mite Be Misspelled

I don’t often find myself in the position where I’m right and my wife is wrong. But yesterday, I had her … or so I thought. In yesterday’s Pulitzer-ignored Mite Be Funny cartoon, I had double-checked if I should use commonsense or common sense in the allegedly witty repartee between mites . As an adjective, the proper spelling is commonsense as one word. I went with that, and I was ready for some smarty-pants to object. Enter my wife, who told me that I spelled commonsense wrong. Nope. Didn’t. You’re wrong. I’m right. I win. You lose.

Turns out that she wasn’t objecting to commonsense being shown as one word. She was objecting to me spelling it as commensense. Ugh! My editor would be so fired if this blog had one.

Fortunately, mite-based comics surprisingly haven’t caught on yet, so not many viewed it before I made the change.


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