Is Warm Weather Bad for Making Frozen Pizza?

There is some unseasonably warm winter weather predicted in the Chicago area for the next few days. The temperatures will be well above freezing, almost spring-like. That’s why I insisted we make and eat a frozen pizza I purchased before the warm weather hit. My wife wondered what the rush was. Well, all she needed to do was read the instructions. It is as clear as the canker sore on my lip, unless you choose to look away as most people do. If the weather is too warm, we could not bake the pizza. I’m not sure what the weather has to do with cooking pizza, but then again, I’m no haute cuisine chef. There is no doubt that it is clearly displayed on the label with cooking instructions. Take a look.

Fortunately, it was chilly over the weekend in Illinois, below freezing, and we were able to bake the pizza and enjoy it. I’m guessing pizza sales to Florida and other southern states are not so good.

And so we begin our 12 Days of Blogging, a cherished holiday tradition I started just last year. I will attempt to blog for 12 straight days through Christmas before I collapse in a heap, which is my preferred position anyway.

Get ready, strap in, and prepare for the 12 Days of Blogging with more blog posts like this one full of lame jokes … if you dare.


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