It’s Not Nice to Confuse a Puppy

As owners of a new puppy, we are trying to teach him some things like sit, stay, walk on a leash, and to stop stealing our shoes, the smellier the better. But look how sad he is after being confused by one of his toys.

He was chewing on his Chewbacca toy yesterday. Hey, why is it that when people mention Chewbacca, they often say, “Chewbacca from Star Wars?” Has there ever been a Chewbacca from anywhere else? It’s Chewbacca. Period.

Anyway, our little puppy was chewing on his Chewy when this happened …

That’s right, our puppy chewed off the foot and a heart came out of Chewbacca’s leg. That’s Chewbacca … from Star Wars. See how dumb that sounds?

Anyway, how is our little puppy supposed to learn the ins and outs of navigating his way through life when toys are confusing him with bad anatomical information about Wookiees? Or, maybe a Wookiee’s heart is in its right leg? We never find that out about Chewbacca … from Star Wars.

Maybe you’re also confused like our puppy. You may be wondering about the meaning of life or perhaps contemplating your impending afterlife. If so, then make sure to click this link to buy my book of stories covering this life and the afterlife.

Come on, click that link. Have a heart, like the Chewbacca toy once had … in its right leg. Yes, that Chewbacca … from Star Wars.


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