I Missed May the 4th Day

You know, Stars Wars Day. May the 4th be with you. I got busy with my new job while trying to tie up some loose ends with my own business that I’m winding down. I hope it was a good day of fun for you as it was for these stars back in the 70s.

Now that’s entertainment. Even today, Star Wars can still entertain. This stormtrooper made me laugh despite absolutely destroying this onlooker.

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It’s Not Nice to Confuse a Puppy

As owners of a new puppy, we are trying to teach him some things like sit, stay, walk on a leash, and to stop stealing our shoes, the smellier the better. But look how sad he is after being confused by one of his toys.

He was chewing on his Chewbacca toy yesterday. Hey, why is it that when people mention Chewbacca, they often say, “Chewbacca from Star Wars?” Has there ever been a Chewbacca from anywhere else? It’s Chewbacca. Period.

Anyway, our little puppy was chewing on his Chewy when this happened …

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