Mite Be a Reblog

Sorry to get you all excited, but this is NOT a bonus Mite Be Funny cartoon, the universally shunned Sunday morning cartoon. But I was surprised amazed shocked stunned aghast that yesterday’s Mite Be Funny cartoon was actually reblogged by someone. Sure, it was hilarious when compared to other mediocre Sunday funnies like the Nancy comic strip. Take a look …

Oh, I get it. No, wait, I don’t. I do understand that Nancy agrees with Sluggo and adopts Nietzche’s “work is meaningless” philosophy, but is that supposed to be funny? Isn’t it more of a Marxist trope about the subversion and eventual overthrow of capitalism by the disgruntled working class? More importantly, why does Nancy wind up in the same spot under the tree as Sluggo was in the first three panels? Did Sluggo move over? That’s not like the Sluggo I knew. Wouldn’t it make more sense in the last panel to have their positions reversed?

If you knew what the last panel would be before it was even drawn (and who can’t see that last panel coming?), applying a preemptory Occam’s Razor to it would result in Nancy & Sluggo’s positions reversed, not as shown. I guess that maybe pro-capitalism wonks like Adam Smith and John Stuart Mill may have had Nancy stabbing Sluggo through the heart in that last panel before she joyfully went back to her job.

Hey, this could be a new blog feature – analysis of bad Nancy cartoons. On second thought, that would take up too much of my time. It may also spur someone to begin an analysis of all my bad Mite Be Funny cartoons, which would occupy all of their time and bring two blogs to a screeching halt. That actually may be for the benefit of all parties and society in general.

Anyway, I have an idea. What if I took the Mite Be Funny reblog and reblogged that? And then the Mad Production Company reblogged my reblog of their reblog. How long could we keep that going before our readers realized there was no new content? My guess – a pretty long time.

If it’s new content you crave and haven’t read my book yet, there are a lot of other blogs out there to read. No, wait, I mean click this link to buy my book of short stories and read that.


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