Forgoing Foraging

I’m traveling again this week, this time to Minneapolis, Minnesota, so you know what that means for me – no foraging. And at the height of berry-picking season, too! My family is so thoughtless. I did forage some mulberries, black raspberries, and gooseberries before I left and stuck them in the refrigerator to await my return.

Apparently, our hotel has an issue with guests foraging some of their equipment. This sign was in their elevator.

I swear I didn’t forage their luggage carts, so that sign does not apply to me. However, this other sign in the elevator does.

Sounds like that could be a t-shirt in my future.

Our hotel does have a free breakfast buffet, so I look forward to foraging some food items to last me through the day. The Flanigan breakfast plan is simple … eat as much as you can at breakfast and stuff your pockets to the breaking point with food to last the rest of the day.

But stay away from the eggs if they look runny.

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