The Price Was Right!

After working in sales & marketing for 3 decades, I knew I had to follow my instincts. The $0.99 price was wrong. I just knew it. I could smell it. Sure, I had been making money at that price. Royalties for my book of short stories had been rolling in for 3 months in a row. Take a look at the royalty notifications in my email.

It’s been nice, but not enough to support the cost of my habit of taking soothing foot baths in baby’s tears, especially with COVID driving up the costs.

I knew I had to run a sale. My nostrils flared at the thought of a sale, and I could feel my heart pounding and working harder. Maybe that was from my high cholesterol, but regardless, I just knew it was the right time for a sale. And so, I dropped the price over last weekend … down to $0.00. Okay, maybe that was a bit extreme, but take a look at the results.

The sale worked, and the only conclusion I came to is that my blog followers and Facebook friends like free stuff. Well, at least I didn’t lose any money. If you are one of the lucky ones who got a free book, I hope you are enjoying it. Now, here’s the catch … please leave a review! Or at least a rating. Or at a minimum, leave a mediocre rating. I’m not picky. After you leave a rating and/or review, contact me, and I’ll send you a bonus short story. Another freebie! You know you want it.

And if you missed out on the free book offer, it’s not too late to check between your couch cushions and under your car seats to come up with the $0.99 to buy it HERE. It will look so pretty on your digital bookshelf.