Spontaneous Spontaneity

I love being spontaneous. Just this morning, I had errands planned. In this order, I would:

  • Buy some gas
  • Make a deposit at the bank
  • Go to the Post Office and buy stamps

So boring, right? And then, at the very last second, I made a right turn, eschewing the gas station for a spontaneous change of plans. Instead of that boring list of tasks, I drove off to do this:

  • Stopped FIRST at the Post Office to buy stamps AND pick-up some shipping boxes
  • Bought some gas
  • Made my bank deposit last with only 30 minutes to spare before closing AND elected not to get a receipt

I’m so jacked on the adrendaline rush that I may find it difficult to take my afternoon nap. Aw, who am I kidding? I never have a problem with my afternoon nap. But maybe, just maybe, I will nap on the couch instead of on the bed. However, that could just be my spontaneity talking.