Party On? No! Party Off!

We’re scheduled to head to a wedding in Nebraska in July. Thankfully, not in Florida. Here’s how they plan a reception in Florida. They pick a cool house and just show up. Here’s the story from the AP …

Now that should have been the end. Police arrive and the wedding party leaves, right? Oh no, not in Florida. The wedding couple were not there just for the cool house with bowling alley, pool, hot tub, etc. They were on a mission …

Yep, it was God sticking His/Her nose where it doesn’t belong again. Not their house? No worries.

Wisely, God was defied.

I’m hoping they don’t get married and procreate, because that can mean only one thing … a gender reveal party involving explosives. These gender reveal parties are way out of hand. There have been injuries and even deaths as devices meant to explode and release blue or pink confetti or powder malfunction. And then there’s this one that caused a wildfire that did 8 million dollars in damage.

But nobody can top a recent New Hampshire party gender reveal party that used some tannerite in a quarry (sounds safe) to release some blue powder. The problem is that they used 80 lbs of the explosive (definitely not safe).

Can someone please tell me why people need to explode things? And can someone tell me why the woman in the video with the bandage on her nose wasn’t asked if her nasal damage was related to the blast? Reporters, do your job and ask the tough questions.

If you arrive at a gender reveal party that you find will involve explosives, get back in your car and drive away. Just not in the gender reveal car.