Vaccinated & Feeling Woozy

I am now fully vaccinated as of this morning. With this card and its slightly altered birth year, I now expect to be able get into any exclusive nightclub or swanky restaurant without reservations or waiting in line.

I do feel some pressure though. Two dear friends were fully vaccinated before me, and had no reaction to the second dose. I feel like they are exercising a power block, and I can’t react. But I’m feeling woozy already just a few hours after the shot. Of course, I was feeling woozy before the shot. And in fairness, I’ve spent much of my life woozy.

I want to feel some reaction to reassure myself that the vaccine is working, although I understand that some people don’t react at all. I know my card shows I got the Pfizer vaccine, but what if they gave me the Placebo vaccine by mistake? I did stump the nurse administering my shot with this question …

I asked if there was any chance of a DNA mutation if I got one shot of Pfizer and another shot of Moderna. Specifically, I asked if I could possibly develop claw hands or x-ray vision or the ability to know what calls to my cell phone are about extending my car’s warranty. Surprisingly, she couldn’t assure me that would not happen as she told me that they are very careful to give people the same vaccine. I think that pretty much tells me that some mutation is highly likely if shots are mixed. You can be sure there will be a mistake sometime, somewhere. Will a superhero be the result?

And speaking of superheroes, I spotted this on the way out.

Thanks to all those real heroes who put up with my inane questions and raised that fully vaccinated total to 69,388 today.

And fine, my birth year was significantly and not slightly altered. Regardless, get vaccinated.


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