BEYOND: Tales of the Afterlife – A Look Inside Tale #1

I have gotten side-tracked with all this inauguration stuff. I need to get back to hawking my book of 16 short stories titled BEYOND: Tales of the Afterlife while also entertaining you, my valued readers (he said, sucking up to his readers in the hope of making a book sale and earning a few measly coins from Amazon).

In a non-COVID world, I would normally be out on a promotional tour of truck stops and gas stations throughout the Rust Belt of the US reading excepts from the book, with or without the venue’s consent, which can make for an interesting book reading. The readings featuring sock puppets are normally the favorites of people who happen to come inside for a rotisserie hot dog or shower. But with COVID, I have resorted to video readings.

Let’s dive into the first story titled “Doggone.” All 16 stories are connected in some way to the afterlife, and this one finds the lead character, Jerry, waking up in the afterlife confronting God. But not God as humans may typically imagine God. God is in a bit of a different form here, and why not? I won’t give too much away, because I know you are dying to read it (pun intended).

This video clip features me reading about Jerry’s indignation at being the victim of a practical joke played on him by God.

Can you believe I nailed that video in only 112 takes? Can you also believe that video makes it appear I have some small bit of hair on the top of my head? Ah, lighting tricks.

If the “comedy gold” reference sounds familiar, it’s because it is a homage to a Seinfeld episode featuring Jerry’s nemesis, comedy hack Kenny Bania.

I know you are probably wondering …

  • What happens to Jerry (in my story, not in Seinfeld)?
  • What form is God in?
  • Does God tell only jokes or also riddles?
  • What about bawdy limericks? There once was an cherub from Nantucket …

Well, drop 99 cents and find out for yourself. Who do you think I am, Alex Trebek with all the answers? Again, the link to click to purchase on Amazon is


And then, please leave a glowing review.

Next time, we head back to 1968 for a bit of Tale #2 along with some backstory.