I’m Floored

Our bathroom remodel is coming along, and we now have a tile floor.

It looked good on casual inspection, but I have concerns after taking a closer look. You take a closer look and tell me if I’m wrong …

Don’t get me wrong; I like the floor. Not that my opinion really matters. My wife picked it out. I thought the plywood underneath looked pretty good. Who doesn’t like a nice wood floor?

But my concern are the plastic things sticking up from between the tiles. I do not look forward to walking on that floor and trying to avoid stepping on those plastic thingys. It will be like trying to navigate a floor full of Legos. I know that doesn’t bother some tougher people …

But for me, stepping on anything could result in serious injury or worse.

The problem is that we hired my brother-in-law to do the remodel. I don’t want to offend him. Maybe after he’s done, I can just throw a rug over the dangerously bumpy tile floor.


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