Borat, Fall, and Email Scams

I enjoyed the new Borat movie called Borat Subsequent Moviefilm. It is not quite as crass as the original, and it has a sweet father-daughter relationship plot. It rips the top off right-wing American culture so we can see just how gross it is, in case we didn’t know already. I watched it on my Kindle as soon as it was available. But I wanted to see it in all its grandeur on a larger screen. So I headed to our basement where a slightly larger TV screen is available. It was there in our basement where I experienced fall.

Not the season fall, but this kind of fall …

Fortunately, our home escalator is out of order, or my fall could have been worse. But it was definitely an old man fall, possibly the first of many still to come. One second I’m standing, and then the next, I’m falling down for no apparent reason. Thankfully, I fell onto our couch. If I have devolved into my “old man falling down for no reason” phase of life, then I need to take action. I do have a solution and plan … buy more couches to be strategically placed around the house.

The fall didn’t do any damage, except maybe to the couch springs. After my fall, I ellipsed while I watched the Borat movie on our basement TV which is far enough away from our elliptical trainer that I think the screen looked smaller than if I was watching on my Kindle. Sigh!

I don’t think this will be much of a movie spoiler for you, but at one point in the movie, we see many Kazakhs sending spam emails. The movie is part reality and part fiction. I think the spam email part may be reality. I believe I received one of those emails last week regarding my PayPal account.

Borat may be very “excite” that I received one of the Kazakh spam emails, but I regret to advise him that I decided not to “fixed” my account.

See the movie. Ignore the Kazakh emails.