Emily Can Rot in Paris

Deep dish pizza is kind of a Chicago thing. Is it healthy? No. It’s a round disk of tomatoes & sauce on top of a glob of melted cheese packed inside of a delicious crust. Add meats and veggies to taste. There is no more delicious crust than Chicago’s own Lou Malnati’s pizza. It took me a couple of pies before it hooked me. Now, no other deep dish pie comes close for my taste because of the Malnati’s crust. Here’s a pic of a Malnati’s slice/complete meal.

But apparently there’s someone in Paris that disagrees about the deliciousness of Malnati’s pizza. Someone named Emily. Lurking about on Netflix. Here’s the headline …

And here’s what was said per the story …

The show stars actress Lily Collins, who plays a Chicago marketing executive who heads to Paris for a job opportunity. In one scene, Collins’ character Emily discussed niche topics about the Windy City with her colleagues. In the exchange, Emily calls Chicago deep-dish pizza “disgusting” and another said it’s like “quiche made of cement.” Emily then remarks, “Oh no, you must have gone to Lou Malnati’s.”

Hey, Emily. Stay and rot in Paris while you eat your snails and goose liver. I’ll have another slice of Malnati’s pie, thank you.

Malnati’s responded by calling the show’s mention heartless, especially with restaurants in the COVID era struggling to hang on. I agree, but mostly I think the show’s mention is tasteless, literally.