A Defeated Hero

I ventured out early morning today to the grocery store. Every grocery trip is a death-defying experience in the Age of Covid-19. The store I chose used to be open 24/7/365. Now it opens at 8AM per the guard at the north entrance. Yep, that’s what I read on the sign behind him. He told me I could wait in line. It was 6AM. I chose to walk back to my car past the south entrance where I was told by the guard there that I could walk right in. I’m guessing he recognized me from this blog as a major social media influencer. He probably feared that I could shut down their regional chain of 242 stores with one bad review on this blog.

I returned home as a hero, primarily because of this treasure I had plundered from the store …

Lysol Wipes

Having these makes me want to buy something definitely infected by COVID-19 coronavirus just so I can wipe it into oblivion.

But alas, I wasn’t able to bask in my heroness as long as I wanted. It was because I also had to purchase this …

Ivory Soap

I’m out of soap. After all those hotel soaps meticulously hoarded through the years, I’m just about out after a few months of no travel. I never expected to ever buy soap again. COVID-19 has somehow defeated me. I mean, this was the booty plundered from a past 2-night stay at a hotel.

Soap etc

That reminds me that I also had to buy tea. Ugh. I’m sure it will taste a bit more bitter than free hotel teas.