Chip In Your Thoughts

I do my best to avoid Nestle brand products in protest of their ravaging of western Michigan’s groundwater. Click HERE for details in case you are interested in why you should buy a Hershey’s Krackel bar rather than a Nestle’s Crunch bar, besides the superior Hershey’s favor.

So, when Nestle announced a contest to find the most unique recipe for their semi-sweet chocalate chips, I was unmoved. Someone is going to win a year’s supply of chocolate chips and probably 50 extra pounds of fat in their ass for some weird receipe using chocolate chips in a mole sauce. Ugh, I hate that. This is how to eat chocolate …

chocolate chip eating gif

And if you must eat chocolate chip cookies, buy Chips Ahoy. They taste great and do not use Nestle chocolate chips. But stay away from this version …


If you think that’s a good idea, take a closer look at the cookies.

chips ahoy sour patch kids

It appears that they are using dismembered Sour Patch Kids in the cookies. How can they do that? They are so cute.

sour patch kids

Their heartless dismemberment of Sour Patch Kids and use of their mangled remains in a bastardized Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookie version almost makes me want to stop eating chocolate chip cookies.

pig eating cookie

I said “almost.”