No Signs of Intelligent Life

This push to “liberate” states and reopen the US prematurely is ridiculous. This place doesn’t want to have to choose between libety or a tranny. Wait, what?

Sign Tranny

I think they may mean liberty and tyranny. At least this next guy knows he has rights, but unfortunately also some spelling wrongs.Sign Truck

Maybe what he really meant is “No, you’re right.” Or maybe he’s just a moran.

Sign Morans

Oh, right. He must mean the Moran family that lives down the block. They really are stupid morons.

And speaking of stupid people …

Sign Stupid

Some of these people pushing to reopen the US may end up both stupid and dead.

I have heard the state of Pennsylvania described as Philadelphia and Pittsburgh on each end with Alabama in the middle. This sign may be proof of that.

Sign PA

Well, let me tell you peaple, if she really makes me choose for her, I’ll choose death.

That may sound harsh, but here’s how a Liberate Tennessee protester feels.

Sign TN

She seems nice. And if the weak don’t die on their own, maybe they’ll call out an armed militia to cull the weak.

Sign Militia

In their defense, milita is a word in many languages, but not English. And what’s better than a silent “g” in sign? How about adding a silent “h?” Sure, why not? Wait, let me fix that last question. Shure, wghy nhot?

Reopening the US now makes no sense. Six feet is the key distance for us to keep, one way or another.

Social Distancing