A Gold Medal Response to Coronavirus

Almost all sporting events have been canceled. I guess that’s one way to cure my sports gambling addiction. Wanna bet on that?

I hear that the Olympics may also be canceled. I think that may be smart, and it opens up a unique opportunity for all of us to make our own Olympics. I love watching the explosiveness of the 100 meter dash. So why not participate?

olympics sprint

Maybe add some hurdles in to exemplify the hurdles and obstacles we encounter in life, like the COVID-19 coronavirus.

olympics hurdles

Perhaps you favor the distance races.

olympics track

Just remember that if you’re in the UK, you may want to run clockwise with the traffic in a roundabout.

If you’re not much of a runner, why not try one of the field events like one of the jumps, long or high?

olympic long jump

Great jump and he knows it. He almost overshot the pit.

olympics high jump

You may want to pass on the pole vault or at least wear a helmet.

olympics pole vault

And if you can’t run or jump well, everyone can participate in the throwing events. There are always hubcaps on the side of the road just waiting to be thrown as a discus.

olympics discus

Can’t find your shot to put? How about using a melon?

olympics shot put

The judges did not appear to like that throw.

And not this javelin throw either.

olympics javelin

But I think you’ll love being a part of the Olympics. In preparation, I’m starting on performance-enhancing drugs now.