Cane I Make a Decision?

At this point in my life, I feel my next big decision will be to either start using a walking cane or training for a 5K run. I can go either way. I think canes look cool, and can double as weapons. I used a cane many years ago when I vacationed in Ireland with a broken pelvis. I felt good and quite jaunty when using a cane, even with a broken pelvic bone.

Despite my love for canes, I am not able to make the decision so easily. I’m feeling some pressure. This 62 year old Chicago area guy just set the planking record.

Old men should not look like this.


Too muscley and wrinkly at the same time. And at the 1 minute mark in the video, does that show him catheterized? Ew. I would have chosen an adult diaper while performing an inverted plank. Something like this …

plank reverse

I have unofficially gone well past 8 hours numerous times already in the inverted plank position. Maybe I need to get the Guinness people back here to Chicago, and this time they should bring some of their beer. I definitely cane support that.



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