New Music for Old Rockers – Prime Real Estate

My business travel plans were to take me back to St. Louis next in mid-April, where just coincidentally I planned to see Real Estate in concert. If you are not familiar with that band, I was introduced to them through this song a few years back.

That song breaks a major rule of songwriting about introducing lyrics within the first 8 seconds of a song, and the one about not having a horse contribute to your music video. Regardless, I fell in love with their soft, indie, jangly, pop-rock sound. My oldest daughter advised me to stay away from the band because one of the band members was too sexual assaulty. They bounced his abusive ass from the band, replaced him with a new lead guitarist, and have a new album to be released within days called The Main Thing. Here’s a single released from the new album called “Paper Cup” that I highly recommend.

I had no idea that their new guitarist was animatronic. If you made it to the end of the video, you can see that they may again be looking for another new guitarist.

Anyway, my conundrum is that I should visit St. Louis for business in late March, which means I wouldn’t be back in St. Louis for when Real Estate takes the stage down there in mid-April. They are playing Chicago. I could break all my rules and make the 60 to 90 minute drive into Chicago to see a concert. I guess that’s better than the 4 & 1/2 hours to St. Louis. Refill your Paper Cup with a fresh beverage and stay tuned to this blog for a possible Real Estate concert review to start my 2020 concert-going year.