A Small Gift at Christmas – Literally

Do you know any of those people that give valuable gifts at Christmas and then say, “It’s nothing really, just a small gift to show my appreciation?” If you do, can you introduce me? Anyway, I thought I was one of those people getting a valuable gift today. I got this UPS notification yesterday …

UPS Notification

How festive looking, and classy. Wine country, huh? Our extended family comes over to our house Christmas Eve, so this basket of wine may be coming just in time for me to get my booze on before they descend upon our humble abode.

But then I tracked the shipment and saw this …

UPS Weight

Hodgkins, IL is close. I could almost taste the cabernet or merlot as I read the screen. But then, 2 lbs for the weight? What the what? I have packed a lot of boxes in my day (not a euphemism), and I know the box and packing materials for a “gift basket” probably weigh a pound. Add in the basket weight of at least a pound, and you have no more weight for anything inside the basket, except maybe for a bottle of wine like this …

wine tiny

That is not going to be enough to get me through a Christmas Eve with the family.


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