Am I an April Fool?

I had dinner scheduled with a couple friends on April Fools’ Day. I had planned to prank them by not showing up for the dinner. But now I get word from them that we need to reschedule because one of them has a conflict. Are they trying to prank me into thinking that they are not going to dinner, but actually are? Will I get an “April fool” call from them while they are having dessert somewhere after a hearty meal without me? Should I play along like I won’t be going to the dinner, drive around to restaurant after restaurant until I find them, and then give them one of these?

ah ha

Or should I expose their ruse now, force them to admit they are still going to dinner, and then not show up in order to prank them? Or should I tell them that I have an incurable disease, only to reveal 10 years from now that it was an April Fools’ Day prank? That’s kind of playing the long game, but at this point, I’m so confused that I’m just spitballing ideas now.

Never make plans for April Fools’ Day.