A Sure Sign of Spring

Oh, how I hate winter. I have complained about it in numerous posts, some even poetic. But now I have hope as there have been signs of winter fading and spring emerging. Forget the robins arriving and me scrambling to get my taxes done. Forget Daylight Savings Time and my winter weight magically starting to melt off (okay, that is so NOT happening). Forget that I’m starting to tap my neighbor’s maple trees for syrup. That may be illegal, but at least I’m not trying to tap my neighbor. There is another sure sign of spring specifically mentioned in the first of my many winter rants/posts on this blog


That’s right, I’m finally going sockless again. Can discarding my frayed jeans in favor of shorts with people averting their eyes so as to not look at my old man legs be far behind? Swapping my decrepit deck shoes for flip-flips and scaring small children with my gnarly toes is yet another sure sign that spring must be just around the corner.

I’m ready to dispose of clothes and welcome spring. I’m just not sure the rest of my family, friends and neighbors are ready for that.

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