Puff, the Magic Fish

I just read that dolphins get high when they manhandle puffer fish.


It turns out that puffer fish emit a toxin when jostled as a defense mechanism. Dolphins have been observed messing with puffer fish seemingly in an attempt to get the puffer fish to emit just enough toxin to give the dolphins a nice buzz.

I wonder if they do that on porpoise?

Anyway, if the play gets too rough, it can get a little dicey for the dolphin.


In human terms, that might be as dangerous as swallowing a bong.

bong big

Definitely stay on the side of safety and use a large, non-swallowable bong.

I’m hitting the road today for a business trip, After that dolphin story, I really have an urge to stop at a Red Lobster or Long John Silver’s restaurant for dinner. Filet of Puffer anyone? Sorry, I better scale back all these bad jokes and stop fishing for laughs. Too much laughing might give my readers a haddock.