Time Monopolizer

Ugh. It is that time of the year again. The local grocery is encouraging us to play their Monopoly game again, the biggest time waster I have ever encountered. Sure, we have won every year, about a net $25 worth of gift cards + free products for about 100 hours of work. It is so much work that when it ended last year, I filed for unemployment benefits. Denied.

I had initially resisted the Monopoly game’s siren song this year. I actually passed on taking tickets after checkout. I was a reformed man. Then my wife came home with this stack.

Monopoly stack

Thanks a lot to my wife for enabling my filthy habit. As I spread the game tickets out on my bed and rolled back and forth over them, I casually grabbed one. It wasn’t long before it was open, and what did I see?


First one. That would normally be enough to get me hooked again. Maybe if it was a Fresh American Bread Loaf, but French? I still resisted. And then my ten year old daughter declared she wanted to handle the contest this year. I gladly turned the reins over to her. I’m not sure how long it will hold her ten year old attention span without a screen being involved, but long enough for these.

Monopoly winners

I’m unclear as to what Water Crackers are. They sound somewhat soggy, but also free, so worth a try. With no effort on my part, I figure we are already up $5 in free product with my daughter in charge and the contest just started. She is an expert in wasting time, so this game is tailor-made for her. This may be a good year for me to not only Pass Go, but also pass playing this game.


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