There’s No Business Like Snow Business

We got hit by a blizzard last night. It did not result in a Norman Rockwellesque view like this …

norman rockwell

I mean, we got rid of our oxen in 2017.

It did result in a scene like this …

Tree broken.JPG

Ugh, I hate winter weather. That is not a black & white picture. That’s a color picture. It’s just that winter here is so black & white for oh, the next 4 months or so. Bleagh! That’s Gaelic for ‘blah.’

That downed limb means more $$$ out of my pocket to get it cleared away. If it were summer, I would clear it myself. But winter means I don’t do anything outside until April.

It’s not the cutting it up that’s a problem. It’s the hauling of the branches to the back of our property that’s difficult. If only I had some oxen.

I am also considering just throwing some Christmas lights on it and calling it festive. We’ll see if any neighbors complain. If they do, I will start chanting the Fox News mantra of “War on Christmas!” That should shut them up.


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