I’m off to Orlando on a business trip which once again underscores the complete lack of glamour in business travel. There is no place I would like to be less than the land of heat, humidity, and screaming kids at the height of summer. The trade show I am attending used to be held in Miami Beach in the summer. It was a lot easier for me to justify heading to the ocean than staying in the Mouse’s house nowhere near the ocean, but right in the midst of tens of thousands of vacationing kids. I truly dread this trip.

As I prepped for this trip, I realized that I had once again surpassed a couple milestones.

First, I now claim over 200 followers. In fact, I claim that those 200+ followers should be doing something else with their time. You see the pablum I regurgitate onto your screen almost daily. Get a hobby. Maybe stamp-collecting, macrame, or some weird latex fetish would be more beneficial to your personal development than following this blog.

I started this blog to practice writing. Finally, after almost three years of practice, I have entered a writing contest. Another milestone. I am supposed to receive professional feedback for my amateur writing. That should be good. I am sure to have dangled a participle precariously over the edge of a paragraph or was politically insensitive towards a gerund in a sentence fragment. And the kicker is that the piece I am submitting is not humorous. Sure, the wise-asses among my followers will gleefully point out that most of my posts are not of a humorous nature. But this one headed to the contest is non-humorous by design, and not despite my best efforts to be amusing.

I am also 75% of the way to my Mite Be Funny goal. Of course, Mite Be Funny is the award-avoiding cartoon I publish here every Sunday that deals with the lives and loves of dead skin flake-eating dust mites. My goal was 100 Mite Be Funny cartoons. I felt there was no way I could do that when I started the cartoon, but now I am 75% of the way to that goal. I am still not sure I can do it, but …

Mite Be Possible

If it does look like we will get to 100 Mite Be Funny cartoons, watch this space for news of a commemorative tee shirt, just in time to befuddle, frustrate, and alienate your friends and family when they open up a Mite Be Funny tee shirt on Christmas morn.



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