Flower Envy

My wife received flowers for her birthday this weekend. Can you guess which flowers were from me?

Flowers Birthday

No, not the huge bouquet on the left. That would be from our youngest son.

No, not the double tulips in the center. That would be from our oldest daughter.

If you guessed the small (some would call it tasteful) arrangement of flowers on the right, you would be correct. Oh, did I mention that they were personally hand-picked from our yard? It would have been so easy to just go buy flowers, but no, I took the time to go pick them myself.

I feel the need to explain. I got up early to go buy flowers, but the new puppy was up, so my choice was to go buy flowers and then the puppy would get my wife up early on her birthday, or I could take the puppy out and figure out the flower issue. I chose the latter and went and cut flowers from our yard. Unfortunately, the neighbors were up already, so their flowers were off limits. I thought the flowers looked fine, until gargantuan flower arrangements arrived. After those two showed up, I was somewhat expecting our oldest son to arrive yesterday to puppy-sit for us in a car that looks like this …

flowers car

But is was all OK. My birthday gift to my wife was a hit, so my whole tiny flower arrangement thing was forgotten … until I dredged it up again for this blog post.

And did I forget to mention breakfast in bed on my wife’s birthday? I told her she didn’t have to bring it to me that day. I made my own breakfast! Happy Birthday!