Where is my Blogshop?

I don’t have many blog followers. That’s OK. I follow a blog that has over 10,000 followers. I don’t want that. I sometimes feel bad for him as he has to respond to many dumb comments. Sometimes I feel bad enough that I even think that I should stop writing those dumb comments.

Anyway, I know the reasons this blog is not very popular. I don’t promote it. There’s no consistency or theme. And then there’s always the chance of a running into a post like this featuring a picture like this …

Labrador in a pot

I consider a post a success if I get “likes” from 5% of my followers. But here’s what I can’t figure out …

What makes a good post? I spend 15 minutes on yesterday’s post and it meets that 5% level of “likes.” I spend hours researching and painstakingly writing a post and I get nary a “like.” For example, just take a look at … er, take a peek at … uh, OK so I can’t find an example of any post I painstakingly wrote. I’m sure there is one somewhere, but my point is I have no idea of what people will find funny.

When comedians write new material, they workshop it. They present it to small groups or perform it in small clubs. I don’t have that luxury if I am expected to pump out this drivel on an almost daily basis. I need a Blogshop where I explore what people find funny and what they don’t. I suppose I could present it to my family, but here’s the problem with that.

My wife would prefer I fix the leaky toilet rather than write a new blog post. Sure, the dog laps up the toilet water on the tile, so it is really a non-existent problem in my eyes, but that’s her preference, so she’s out as a sounding board. My oldest daughter does not get my humor. Period. My oldest son does get my humor, but will not return a message unless it is sports-related. My youngest son always has headphones on with the volume up. My middle daughter lives away at college. My youngest daughter is nine, and she finds everything I do funny, especially when I fart and ask “Who sat on a duck?” Timeless material.

I guess I will continue to blog onward, trusting my gut instincts as to what is and is not funny, and you, the readers of this blog, will continue to pay the price. It’s a sacrifice I am willing for you to make.