Who or what is leaving these footprints?

You have all seen pictures of supposed Sasquatch footprints.


I have even blogged in the past on mini-Sasquatch sightings.

But what the heck is leaving this footprint that I encountered along our local trail?

Poop foot

That’s my size 12 at the bottom of the pic. How can I be sure? My leg was attached. That sure looks to me like a poopprint above it. I have been able to confirm that it was indeed poop. How can I be sure? You don’t want to know. What I don’t know is who or what is leaving poopprints on the trail? And what the heck is a deer hoofprint doing right in the middle of the poopprint? Was that some rite of passage or fraternity initiation where a young buck was dared to step in the poopprint?

Q: What did the deer say after stepping in poop?

A: Doe!

homer doh

Lisa deer

marge deer

Thanks to the Simpsons for helping explain my lame semantics joke.

I have more questions than answers, but that has nothing to do with this blog post or poopprint. I think it is time to tell my disbelief to scat, fece facts and believe that the shit has hit the fan and that there is indeed something out there, and it has a poopy foot.